and Barack Obama could be the first causality of the
new and politically correct Black and White race War.


In order to fully comprehend the generally accepted motive for the Tate and LaBianca Massacres, one must first understand where Charles Manson first heard about the idea of a final Black and White race War. "Little Paul" Watkins, in his testimony for the prosecution, revealed that it was the Black Muslims who first introduced Charlie to such a far-out prophesy, but no one seems to have questioned the matter any further, except to then accept the prosecution's claim that the famous musical group, the Beatles, must have instructed Manson to open fire whenever he heard them singing "Helter Skelter". Unfortunately, no one could figure out how the Moody Blues' "Knights in White Satin" song figured in, except members of the KKK.

The Black Muslim movement began in 1931, as Wali Farad set up his first mosque in Detroit. About a year later, he founded a second temple in Chicago. Mr. Farad preached that he was incarnated from Allah himself and taught that who so ever believed in him would someday benefit from the fall of the white devil slave masters.

In 1934, Farad was succeeded as leader of the sect by one Elijah Muhammad, who was born in Sandersville Georgia as Elijah Poole.  Following World War II the Nation of Islam, as it was called, was aggressively promoted in predominately poor Black areas of the larger cities where it understandably flourished. The "Nation's" agenda was simple: that one day the Black Muslims would overthrow whitey in the final struggle between good and evil, black and white, the Battle of Armageddon.

As the "Nation of Islam" grew, the message got stronger and more dangerous, that: Christians and Jews alike were guilty of creating rivals to the great Allah, that Christianity helped continue the enslavement of non-whites, and most importantly, that the white race was conceived of Devils whose time to reign was coming to an end, Mosques were set up in California prisons and the "Nation's" agenda became a direct hit with many beaten down Black prisoners.

Then in the early 1960's, an elfish like character appeared, who instead of posing a threat to the many black inmates, he provided an entertaining atmosphere on the otherwise dangerous "yard" at exercise time. This little guy was smart enough to understand that his best defense in a world of out n' out criminals was to get along with everyone. So eventually, Charlie Manson conned his way into the arms of the Black Muslims, where they would teach him of their impending revolution. From his point of view, where a large Black population actually had a certain amount of control over its environment, Charlie began to understand and believe in the teachings of his newly found comrades.

As only history would have it, a younger Charlie's naive belief in the warped and twisted preachings of what was to become America's first Islamic Death Cult would eventually lead to possibly the most bizarre story ever told. The story of the notorious Manson Gang. But, as thrilling as crime stories go, who would have ever imagined that an infamous murder case, over thirty years old, could become so relevant to the election of the first Black American president in the year of 2008. And who ever realized that the Black Muslim's "Battle of Armageddon", nicknamed Helter Skelter by Charles Manson, actually began in Northern California in 1972. Of Course, it will become even more revealing when Mr. Spielberg's Dreamworks Pictures makes "The Zebra Murders" into a major motion picture, with Jamie Foxx as its star. But before that comes to pass, the Republicans, known for their hard-ball campaign tactics, will never let such a controversial story go unnoticed.

While most white folks would even agree that the Blacks have every reason to complain and even to make hateful preachments concerning the mistreatment that they have had to endure over the years, the very idea of a renewed Black and White conflict will only strike terror in the heartland of America once again. It worked for the prosecution in 1970, it will surely work for the Republicans it 2008. Remember, cleverly disguised hate, indirectly pointed at the Muslims since 9-11, has allowed the Republican Guard to invade (2) Muslims countries already. A single black man, indoctrinated by his mentor with hate against America, has no chance of even surviving the super rich and powerful, flag waving Republican machine.

This time YOU will be a Witness to the truth
with Robert Hendrickson as he films Inside the MANSON Gang!

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